Our philosophy

The PROSPECTUM project pursues the objective of manufacturing high quality virtual organs (playable virtual reconstructions of real instruments) for the Hauptwerk virtual organ platform and Hauptwerk 1 compatible sample players.

We want to make the sound of these organs available to a large audience. Furthermore, we support organ restauration and maintenance projects.

Making money is not our primary concern.
Surplus revenue is invested in the production of future sample sets, research and equipment.

As different customers have different financial scopes, we pursue the so-called donationware approach:

Our virtual organs are offered at a low minimum donation. Hereby they should be affordable for everybody. Satisfied users are kindly asked to make an additional payment according to their own discretion and financial scope.

Special thanks are due to the many people who support our work as well as the many users of our virtual organs who finance the PROSPECTUM project. The numerous positive replies that we have received over the years and the assuredness that we consistently succeed in sharing our joy over pipe organs and organ music are certainly the most wonderful gratification that one can wish for.

A general remark on virtual organs

We put great efforts into the sound quality of our virtual organs. Nevertheless we would like to point out that the virtual organ concept in general is just a modern, interactive kind of sound documentation which is not and will never be a substitute to a real pipe organ - just like an art print is not a substitute to a real painting.
The art of organ building can only be fully experienced by visiting and listening to / playing the organs themselves.
However, in most cases this is not possible. Then, judging by replies from enthusiastic PROSPECTUM sample set users, a virtual organ is a useful, instructive and entertaining alternative.