Terms and conditions (Version 2020-01)

Please note: If you have purchased a PROSPECTUM organ by a third party without receiving a license code after 2013, you are a victim of software piracy! Please demand your money back and report the incident to contact @ prospectum.com.

Details about PROSPECTUM: See legal note

Place of jurisdiction: Stuttgart, Germany

Ordering and Payment

In order to order sample sets (meaning licenses as described below), please fill in the order form on our website. Payments can be made using PayPal (automatically during the ordering process) or European Bank Transfer (using IBAN/BIC). Inside the EU, the free IBAN/BIC method is preferred because it saves us the rather high PayPal fees. By ordering the sample set, you agree to receive the invoice electronically (PDF, sent to you by email).

Shipping and Delivery

Sample sets are delivered by download. When your order is completely processed (payment has arrived and has been manually checked), license codes and download links are generated and shown in our customer area (myPROSPECTUM). You need a myPROSPECTUM account for access. You can either sign up manually to myPROSPECTUM, or, if required, our system automatically creates a myPROSPECTUM account for you as part of the ordering process.
Please note that we manually check every order for security reasons before issuing licenses. Usually this takes 0 to 2 business days.


What is a sample set?

A sample set is a set of files (samples, impulse responses, pictures, organ definitions etc.). These files belong together. The sample set represents the virtual organ.

What does PROSPECTUM offer?

PROSPECTUM offers sample set specific lincenses. License means: PROSPECTUM grants the licensee (as defined below) a non-exclusive personal right to use the sample set in accordance with the terms of this document.

What is the definition of a licensee?

A licensee is the owner of a license. Ownership is proven by the posession of a unique license code that is created by PROSPECTUM and assigned to the licensee‘s myPROSPECTUM account.

What is the licensee allowed to do?

The licensee is allowed to

Reserved rights

PROSPECTUM reserves all other rights not expressly granted to the licensee. If the licensee violates this license agreement considerably, the licenser is authorized to an immediate termination of the contract, inclunding the annulation of the concerned license code(s). Consequently damages and compensation may be claimed.

Return and Replacements

If a downloaded file is corrupted, you can download it again anytime using your download link provided in myPROSPECTUM. The Sample Sets is delivered electronically in a form of software, hence a return or refund is not possible. Your order is binding. If your order has not been processed within 30 days after payment, you can ask for a 50% discount or a full refund of your payment.


PROSPECTUM reserves all other rights not expressly granted by PROSPECTUM. Unauthorized copying, lending, leasing, trading, duplication, resampling, reselling, hiring, sub-licence granting, uploading or downloading to a database, server or network or any other form of distribution of the Sample Set, Samples or recordings using the Sample Sets are strictly forbidden and can be prosecuted the fullest extent of the law.

Privacy and Security

See our privacy policy

Your data

You will soon be able update your personal data anytime in myPROSPECTUM. You guarantee and are responsible for the correctness of the personal data provided, and promise to keep them duly updated.