Welcome to PROSPECTUM.COM virtual pipe organs !

PROSPECTUM is known as one of the first producers of virtual pipe organs for the virtual pipe organ platform Hauptwerk. Since the beginning we have been one of the most innovative. In particular we are leading with regard to high quality sample processing techniques. One of our key developments is organ pipe specific denoising whereby it becomes possible to create virtual organs with detailed, transparent sound without audible noise. Countless positive commments and apparently also imitation attempts confirm the attractivity of our developments. Our main goal is the creation of high quality sample sets for Hauptwerk but we also offer sample sets in HW1 format which are compatible with some freeware sample players like MyOrgan.   


Latest Changes:
12/2015: Release of the virtual 1787 Holzhey organ of St. Peter und Paul Weissenau!
11/2015: Minor improvements of the Website

Interesting quick links:
- Johann Nepomuk Holzhey-Orgel (1787, III+P/41(42)), St. Peter und Paul/Weissenau (D)
- Gottfried Silbermann organ (1742, II+P/20), Stadtkirche Zöblitz/Erzgebirge (D)
- Radeker&Garrels organ (1719, II+P/21), Magnuskerk Anloo (NL)
- Free! Tzschöckel organ (I/4, 1989?), Nordheim (D)